Trey. 29. Austin, TX. Nudist. Exhibitionist. 4ga PA pierced 3/1/12. 8ga frenum pierced Apr. '07.

This blog will serve as a tribute to my prince albert and frenum piercings, my cock and others', as well as other fetishes, fantasies and interests.

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wgat shop in Austin do you use? i live just south on 35

I recommend Shaman Modifications and True Blue Tattoo.  The latter is where I was pierced and have bought most my jewelry, but pretty much all my other pierced cock friends were pierced at Shaman by Pineapple.  He comes very highly recommended.

I want a PA how long is the healing time?

about 4-6 weeks for most men :-)  DO IT!

Question: I frequent a NYC gym every day and while I see a lot of nude men, none of them have PAs. However, I see quite a few PAs during the summer at Jones Beach. Is it cool to say something like "cool PA" or not whenever I see one that looks particularly nice? P.S. Great blog. Thanks!

First of all… THANK YOU for being naked in your locker rooms, men.  We have GOT to do something about the growing epidemic of the man in the shower with the swim trunks on (WTF!?) or the man walking around the locker room with the towel on.  The locker room has been a place for men to bond nude and show our penis pride for eons.  So show it off!  No better way to male bond.  But I digress…

RE: PA questions.  First of all, you should absolutely look at the PA’s you find.  I’ve come to the conclusion that pretty much all of us who have them are exhibitionists and we love to show them off.  You ABSOLUTELY can ask questions, just PLEASE reach for something other than, “did it hurt?”  Unless you are seriously considering getting one yourself and are legitimately curious, this question gets annoying for us.

I’m the kind of guy that if someone inquired about or complimented my PA, I’d walk over to them, flip it around, show it off, and genuinely answer their questions.  I love it.  You could always compliment the guy on the guts it takes to get one.  He’ll like the attention AND the ego boost.  And if he’s a douche bag and acts weird about it, then fuck him.  Douche bags shouldn’t get PA’s and show them off in public if they don’t expect people to gawk, judge, and inquire.  Keep me posted!

Wondering where to go to get a Prince Albert piercing in Austin, Texas? I recommend True Blue Tattoo on Red River. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Any time I have questions or issues with my PA, I call, text or just drop in and they’re always willing to help! Shane pierced me, and Sarah is always very helpful with great advice as well. Can’t go wrong with anybody at True Blue Tattoo!

PA Just Fell Out

I was just out walking my dog, felt something uncomfortable in my pants, then kept walking.  I had a weird feeling, so I felt the tip of my cock and realized my fucking jewelry had fallen out.  So I go back and re-trace my steps, found the jewelry, and sure enough… one of the balls on the end that screw onto the curved barbell had come un-done.  So I’m gonna beat off and head to the tattoo place for a replacement… I sure hope I get all the cum off before the girl has to help me with this… or not.  :p

My advice: check your jewelry every once in a while to make sure the balls are tightened!  Grrr!

What´s the major sexual advantage of your PA? And the major disadvantage?

Hmm… advantages: it supposedly adds to the pleasurable sensation for both partners involved.  Though, I’ve heard it’s not comfortable for the receiving side of anal.  I say ‘supposedly,’ and ‘I’ve heard,’ because I just got this thing two weeks ago and I’m barely jacking off again this week, so I haven’t got to use it sexually with someone else yet.  Can’t even get unprotected blowjobs for a while.

Now.  All that being said, I absolutely LOVE my PA.  The sensation of this piece of metal hanging on your cock is absolutely incredible.  There have already been several times where I’ve just been walking and got a hard-on because of the urethral stimulation, and masturbation with it in feels amazing as well.

Major disadvantage is that not every one of my sexual partners will likely care for it, so I may eventually have to take it out.  This has even been the case with my frenum piercing in the past and it’s much less invasive.  The most major disadvantage sexually has to be the healing time.  My piercer informed me a week after getting my piercing that he recommended I wait THREE months before unprotected blowjobs and SIX months for unprotected sex.  Will I make it that long for both?  Probably not, and after asking several guys who have a PA, they didn’t wait that long, however I’m definitely waiting until this crusting phase ends, as this is when the piercing is most susceptible to infection.  Helpful?

Ahhhhh! The 12-day old PA already feels so much better after this sea salt soak. Apparently I’m still not quite ready for skinny jeans after all. Men with new PA's, this process is very important for your Prince Albert piercing aftercare, and my piercer didn’t even mention it to me.  Perhaps not all men who get PA's need this treatment.
Prince Albert piercing sea salt soak recipe: 
- Microwave 1 cup distilled water in a small plastic cup for 40 secs.
- Add 1/4 tsp fine sea salt to water and stir lightly. Touch water with finger to avoid burning the family jewels, though the water should be decently warm. Leave the head of the penis in the warm water for at least 5 - 10 minutes.
- Use a tissue or paper towel to gently wipe away any soggy crusties left after the soak. It’s important to not re-use used water in successive soaks.
- Soak 3 times daily for 3 - 4 weeks or until crusites no longer form.
Voila! Your PA should feel A LOT better!
* I am not a professional piercer, and this advice is solely from my personal experience.  You should consult with your piercer for complete piercing aftercare instructions.

Sea salt soak of the day #2 just completed.  Feels amaaaaaaaazing while these crusties continue to be the complete and utter fucking BANE of my existence.