Trey. 29. Austin, TX. Nudist. Exhibitionist. 4ga PA pierced 3/1/12. 8ga frenum pierced Apr. '07.

This blog will serve as a tribute to my prince albert and frenum piercings, my cock and others', as well as other fetishes, fantasies and interests.

You must be of legal age to view this blog. It will contain sexually explicit material and should only viewed by adults of legal age in their respective state or country. Some content is of me and is noted as such, and most will be of others. I claim no copyright to the latter and should you require the removal of your content, just ask, and I'll promptly comply.
Submission: Hello. My name is B from California. Here is my PA pic for your tumblr. I have a 4gauge, 5mm. Thanks!


wa·ter·fall/ˈwôtərˌfôl,ˈwä-/noun    a cascade of water falling from a height, formed when a river or stream flows over a precipice or steep incline.

Please see my buddies’ great blogs. You’ll find my stuff here.
Submission: My pierced cock 0ga pa.
Submission: My pierced cock 0ga pa

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Doug L - San Diego 2014 | 3
I met Doug on my recent trip to San Diego and he kindly agreed to let me photograph him. Bright, easy going and totally at home in his own skin, this man exudes confidence and charm. The shoot flew by, and in no time, we clicked and the results got stronger and stronger.